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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Campfire Surf~n~Turf

I celebrated my birthday during the last camp out. My favorite birthday meal is crab legs...... and heating them over a wood fire is my absolute favorite way to prep them.

I started by splitting some tatoes, stuffing them with a sliver of bacon, onion, butter and salt and pepper. Then wrapped them in foil and set them over the direct fire.

Also added a skillet of mushrooms in butter, with a few onions and some garlic. Then made a small pot of garlic butter..

Threw a couple of steaks on the fire and roasted some asparagus. Both seasoned with oil, salt and pepper. (kept it simple :))

Next came my favorite part....the crab legs!  Since they are already cooked, they just need to be warmed through and need to catch a little bit of smoke.

The stuffed tater, 1/4 of a grilled steak with shrooms, asparagus, smokey crab legs and garlic butter...

Since it was my birthday celebration, I went directly to the crab legs and forgot about the rest of the stuff. I cut down a styrofoam cup to hold the butter...

Pretty much ate crab with garlic butter until I was stuffed, saved the rest of the meal for lunch the next day. Then sat back by the fire and enjoyed the night.

 I don't know.... maybe I'm just odd.... but I'd rather celebrate my birthday kicked back at a quiet, beautiful location, enjoying close friends than to go to some crowded restaurant.

It was pretty nice and I'll probably do it again next year...  :)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Beef Ribs and Beans on the Campfire

Another tractor rim cook from my last camp out. I've slow cooked a lot of pork spare ribs lately on the fire and decided to do some beef back ribs this trip.  I love them slow roasted over an open fire. I've tried foiling them half way through cooking......     Foiled ribs   .....but prefer un-foiled ribs the best.

Soaked some anasazi beans overnight...

Then placed them on the heat first, to let them simmer all day. I added beef stock, smoked pork, onions, garlic, red pepper flakes and a few herbs to the pot, then added more stock when needed.

Slathered the ribs with bacon drippings then seasoned with black pepper and coarse salt...

I let the ribs slow cook on the low heat side of the fire..flipped and rotated them every once in awhile. Added a log of wood when needed...

The ribs cooked for about 6 hours. I watched for the pullback on the bone that I wanted. Same as with pork ribs.

Added a few ears of corn...

and supper was ready!

I just needed one more hand to hold my cold beer. :)

Beef back ribs aren't very meaty but they sure taste good!

Still having photobucket, computer and blogger issues. I think it took over an hour to post these pics. lol
Maybe it's time for me to buy a new laptop!