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Friday, October 24, 2014

Beef Ribs and Beans on the Campfire

Another tractor rim cook from my last camp out. I've slow cooked a lot of pork spare ribs lately on the fire and decided to do some beef back ribs this trip.  I love them slow roasted over an open fire. I've tried foiling them half way through cooking......     Foiled ribs   .....but prefer un-foiled ribs the best.

Soaked some anasazi beans overnight...

Then placed them on the heat first, to let them simmer all day. I added beef stock, smoked pork, onions, garlic, red pepper flakes and a few herbs to the pot, then added more stock when needed.

Slathered the ribs with bacon drippings then seasoned with black pepper and coarse salt...

I let the ribs slow cook on the low heat side of the fire..flipped and rotated them every once in awhile. Added a log of wood when needed...

The ribs cooked for about 6 hours. I watched for the pullback on the bone that I wanted. Same as with pork ribs.

Added a few ears of corn...

and supper was ready!

I just needed one more hand to hold my cold beer. :)

Beef back ribs aren't very meaty but they sure taste good!

Still having photobucket, computer and blogger issues. I think it took over an hour to post these pics. lol
Maybe it's time for me to buy a new laptop!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fire Roasted Crab Stuffed Salmon

I make this often at home on the grill and smoker but wanted to see how it worked on the tractor rim while camping.

I wanted to cook brussel sprouts too and thought about stringing them onto skewers. Then decided to be lazy and throw them in my popcorn popper instead, with bacon drippings, onions, garlic and seasonings....

I placed them on the fire and gave them a shake every once in awhile.

trimmed a slab of salmon...

made the crab stuffing... crab meat, scallions, garlic, lemon pepper, parsley and Pookie G DaYum rub.

The Pookie G rubs are made by talented friend Wickedcajun ... Hopefully he will have a web site for his rubs soon. If you are interested in trying these rubs, let me know. I can get you in touch with him or his Mrs.

I stuffed the salmon, drizzled well with oil (also oiled the skin side too) and sprinkled with Pookie G Season All...

onto the tractor rim, skin side down with a low burning log on each side of the fish...

I watched for the juices to rise to the top of the salmon and the fish flaked easily....then pulled it off the heat and let it rest for a few minutes. The cook took about 30 minutes.

The salmon was flaky, moist and tender. Had great flavor from the wood smoke and I loved the Pookie G rubs too!

The next day I toasted bagels, spread them with cream cheese, seasoned with pepper and added the smoked salmon and crab..

They were danged tasty too. :)

Now that I know this isn't such a pain to make while camping, I'll do it again!  :)