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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Just a test. Still having problems with blogger and photobucket. Posting one pic takes 30 minutes! I might make some changes on how I post and just cut down on photos. :/

BTW , This is Rocky. Came to visit me during the winter. I'm not sure how he made it here...he had to travel miles of open land (no trees) through coyote, bobcat, owl, hawk country with sage and yucca for cover. :)

Hope everyone had a great winter!

Monday, February 23, 2015

The French BBQ Association

Wanted to give a heads up to folks about talented cooking friend Jed's wonderful site...  The French BBQ Association.
Right now I'm having trouble posting the link but will keep trying. lol

The French BBQ Association

Hopefully this link will work!  If you get the time, please check out Jed's site. He's a great guy and and talented chef. Lot's of great recipes on his site! :)

Holler at me if the link doesn't work, I'll try to fix it again.:D